Make the most of Masturbation May: Celebrate 25 Years of Self-Pleasure!

Make the most of Masturbation May!

4 different promotions this May
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About Masturbation May

Masturbation May is now celebrating its 25th Anniversary, but where did it all start? Good Vibrations started National Masturbation Month in 1995, when a year earlier, then-Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders was fired for suggesting that masturbation should be discussed as part of sex ed. This later became International Masturbation Month and has been celebrated ever since.

TENGA has helped spread the word of Masturbation May globally since 2015, to continue educating people and decrease the misconceptions and social taboos around masturbation. We all know it feels great, but we've found many people report greater confidence both inside and out, along with reduced stress and a happier life overall the more they embrace self-pleasure.


To find out more on how TENGA has celebrated in the past, click here to read our blog!




Celebrate With TENGA!

This year is a little special for many reasons. Not only does this year mark the 25th Anniversary of this magnificent merriment, but it is also almost the 15th anniversary of TENGA!
So with so much to celebrate, this year we decided we needed to go all out with promotions to help you celebrate in style! We want to help you take extra care of yourself despite the current global situation.


Make the most of Your Masturbation May!

With so much to celebrate we decided to offer 4 separate promotions, each running for a set period of time throughout the month

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Sales Throughout May

We'll be announcing these special discounts as they come during the dates below!

May 5th~14th
May 15th~25th
And finally May 25th~31st.
Stay tuned: we’ll be updating this page, our socials, and the newsletter as each new promotion rolls around!

15% off a range of items!

May 24th~31st
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