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A Hero for TENGA Fans

Staying by your side in the shape of a TENGA CUP, the TENGA ROBO can transform to be your trusty sidekick! TENGA ROBO is there for you in times of need.

At roughly 8cm (3.15") tall, TENGA ROBO stands at half the size of the Original Vacuum CUP. His intricate design allows him to move his arms and legs, and hold his weapons!

The first of the TENGA☆ROBO Series is of course our flagship model, the Original Vacuum CUP. TENGA ROBO comes with his "Red Hammer" to give his friends a pat on the back, and the "TENGA Beam Gun" blasts a bolt of courage!

Product Specs

Product Name: TENGA Robo - Limited Edition [MEGA TENGA BEAM SET]
※ Original Vacuum CUP Sold Separately
※ NOT for masturbation.
Design: Kyoryu Kuramochi
Modelling: Prothlink
Creative Cooperation: Sen-ti-nel, AKIKA
Creative Production: Hiro Tanaka (Good Smile Company), Koichi Matsumoto (TENGA)
Manufactured by: Good Smile Company